The API of the Daiquiri OAI supports the following metadata schemas:

The entry values for OAI is generated from the four different resources:

  • Metadata model metadata.models
  • constant values, hard encoded in the oai renderer
  • Datalink tables ( Not implemented in default daiquiri and is specific for every app )


Note: Since in most cases metadata.models.Schema and metadata.models.Table have the same attributes, the source given for a Schema is also valid for a Tables, unless otherwise noted.

ID DataCite-Property Source Notes
1 Identifier metadata.models.Schema.doi DOI or default obj/pk
1.a identifierType constant DOI
2 Creator metadata.models.Schema.creator JSON field
2.1 creatorName ..creator.name If not present creator.last_name, creator.first_name
2.2.a nameType ..creator.name_type must be Organizational or Personal
2.2 givenName ..creator.first_name
2.3 familyName ..creator.last_name
2.4 nameIdentifier ..creator.orcid
2.4.a nameIdentifierScheme constant ORCID
2.4.b schemeURI constant http://orcid.org/
2.5 affiliation ..creator.affiliation List of Dict
2.5.a affiliationIdentifier ..affiliation.affiliation_identifier e.g., https://ror.org/03mrbr458
2.5.b affiliationIdentifierScheme ..affiliation.affiliation_identifier_scheme e.g., ROR
2.5.c schemeURI ..affiliation.scheme_uri e.g., https://ror.org/
3 Title metadata.models.Schema.title
4 Publisher core.settings.daiquiri.SITE_PUBLISHER
5 PublicationYear metadata.models.Schema.published.year
6 Subject core.setttings.daiquiri.SITE_SUBJECTS.subject
6.a subjectScheme ..SITE_SUBJECTS.subjectScheme
6.b schemeURI ..SITE_SUBJECTS.schemeURI
6.c valueURI ..SITE_SUBJECTS.valueURI
7 Contributor metadata.models.Schema.contributors JSON Field (list of dict)
7.a contributorType ..contributor.contributor_type If not present, DataManager
7.1 creatorName ..contributor.name If not present ..contributor.last_name, ..contributor.first_name
7.2.a nameType ..contributor.name_type must be Organizational or Personal
7.2 givenName ..contributor.first_name
7.3 familyName ..contributor.last_name
7.4 nameIdentifier ..contributor.orcid
7.4.a nameIdentifierScheme constant ORCID
7.4.b schemeURI constant http://orcid.org/
7.5 affiliation ..contributor.affiliation List of Dict
7.5.a affiliationIdentifier ..affiliation.affiliation_identifier e.g., https://ror.org/03mrbr458
7.5.b affiliationIdentifierScheme ..affiliation.affiliation_identifier_scheme e.g., ROR
7.5.c schemeURI ..affiliation.scheme_uri e.g., https://ror.org/
8 Date metadata.models.Schema.updated and ..published
8.a dateType constant Updated and Issued the used value corresponds to Date
9 Language .core.settings.daiquiri.SITE_LANGUAGE
10 ResourceType constant Database table or Database schema
10.a resourceTypeGeneral constant Dataset
11 alternateIdentifier DataciteSchemaSerializer.get_alternate_identifiers abs. url to the metadata of the Table/Schema created on the fly
11.a alternateIdentifierType constant URL
12 RelatedIdentifer metadata.models.Schema.related_identifier JSON Field
12.a relatedIdentifierType ..related_identifier.related_identifer_type
12.b relationType ..related_identifier.relation_type
13 Size DataciteSchemaSerializer.get_alternate_identifiers for schemas: n tables, for tables: <size>n columns</size><size>m rows</size>
14 Format query.settings.QUERY_DOWNLOAD_FORMATS.content_type
15 Version supposed to be at metadata.models.Schema.version Not implemented in metadata. Always empty.
16 Rights DataciteSchemaSerializer.license_label created from metadata.settings.LICENCE_CHOICES via metadata.models.Schema.license
16.a rightURI DataciteSchemaSerializer.license_url created from metadata.settings.LICENCE_URL via metadata.models.Schema.license
16.b rightsIdentifier DataciteSchemaSerializer.license_identifiers created from metadata.settings.LICENCE_IDENTIFIERS via metadata.models.Schema.license
17 Description metadata.models.Schema.long_description If not present or null, metadata.models.Schema.description
17.a descriptionType constant Abstract Additionally, it uses the attribute xml:lang which renders core.settings.daiquiri.SITE_LANGUAGE

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